Links to projects, talks, and essays about Jack Kerouac, sponsored by the Kerouac Center.


Music and Musicians Under the Influence
Songs inspired by Kerouac

The Kerouac Book River
Nearly three hundred Kerouac covers from around the world
by the UMass Lowell Kerouac Team

The Kerouac-Sampas Collection
A searchable database of one of the most expansive Kerouac collections in the world
(this project is in part funded by Mass Humanities)

The Illustrated On the Road
A graphic rendition of the novel in 55 “postcards” by Christopher Panzner

On the Road at 60
An essay by John Leland of The New York Times

On Kerouac’s Franco-American Background
A talk by Professor Hassan Melehey,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

John Sampas on Kerouac in Lowell
Filmed interview with John Sampas — Kerouac’s brother-in-law
and longtime director of the Kerouac Estate

Kerouac Retrieved
An exhibit from Kerouac’s last home,
curated by UMass Lowell’s Kerouac Center

On Kerouac’s Lowell Novels
Lectures by Professor Todd Tietchen,
editor of Library of America editions

Friends, Family, and Beat Writers Discuss Kerouac
Audio Recordings from the UMass Lowell Archives

On the Road scroll at the Lowell National Park
Images from the scroll exhibit in Lowell

Kerouac Exhibit at the Lowell National Park
Curated by Paul Marion and Michael Millner

Links to projects, talks, and essays about Kerouac’s post-war contexts, sponsored by the Kerouac Center.

On Publishing Lost Post-War Writings
A Lecture by Ammiel Alcalay
about his Lost & Found publishing project

Amiri Baraka in Lowell
A recording of one of Baraka’s last poetry readings

Anne Waldman in Lowell
A video of Waldman performing her poetry

Allen Ginsberg in Lowell
A video of poet Allen Ginsberg reading his work

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